Instruction of the Day: CRB

Learn one new instruction today – Compare and Branch – CRB.  You can tighten your code just a bit with CRB, an instruction that combines a comparison operation on two registers with a branch operation – all in one line.  It comes with some extended mnemonics that make it easy to use.  Learn all about it here in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Instruction of the Day: CRB”

  1. I *love* these new (since z10/2008) “Compare […] and Branch” instructions.
    I also love how you explain the extended mnemonics. Even though they’re found in both the Principles of Operations and the Reference Summary, I always end up going to Tachyon when I need one:
    … your explanation makes it easy to remember.
    “Compare […] and Branch” in Principles of Operations: – page 7-57
    Extended-Mnemonic Suffixes for Compare-and-Branch: – page 39

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