BRC and BRCL Instruction Lessons

I’ve added lessons on two relative branch operands that have become fundamental tools for “baseless” programs:  Branch Relative on Condition and Branch Relative on Condition Long.  You can try out these instructions in VisibleZ as well.  Upload the new Codes directory for some sample object code programs, or build your own.

Along with these lessons, I cleaned up some links on the assembler page and added links to all the lessons in three formats (PDF, DOCX, HTM).

I’m working on an assembler book that will organize and combine the information you can find on the site.  I hope to complete it over the next few months.  If you have special requests for topics you would like me to include, email me your suggestions.  I’d like to know the instructions you’re using that aren’t represented here.


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5 responses to “BRC and BRCL Instruction Lessons

  1. “I’ve added lessons … Branch Relative on Condition and Branch Relative on Condition Long.”


    Click to access BRC.pdf

    Click to access BRCL.pdf

    … with the .htm and .docx versions yet to be added? The links for those:
    … all return a 404 error as of 4-Dec-2015

    Love your site! Definitely “best of breed” on the web!

  2. Also, the corresponding “video” links don’t seem to be up yet (at least as of 4-Dec-2015)
    Lots of Code On One Base Register: Relative Branching
    -> = 404
    Branch Relative Program code
    -> = 404

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