Instruction of the Day: MVO

MVO is an old instruction that has fallen out of use, replaced by SRP.  Still, you will see it in older programs.  This video will get you up to speed on this “odd” instruction.  You will also find the code from the video here.

7 thoughts on “Instruction of the Day: MVO”

  1. Respected Sir,
    Thankyou so much Sir….i am really greatful to you for this well explained MVO instruction video. Sir you are really keeping Assembler alive in India as well. Thankyou so much Sir again.

  2. Prof. Woolbright,
    I truly enjoyed your video instruction for the MVO today! I may come back to check out more soon!
    Justin Shen

    1. Last year I had to move the remaining content off my old university server. Some of the links in the older posts still refer to the old site. The content is available on this site. I did correct the link in the post for the video. I haven’t yet recovered the code, so that link isn’t working. I should have that code posted on this site within a few days. So, check out the MVO video on this site:

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