Converting to PDFs

  I used a good chunk of December organizing all the assembler materials I created over the years into a book format.  I’ve been writing new material, updating the old to include System/z, and incorporating VisibleZ into the activities that accompany each chapter.  I’ll use the book with my assembler class this year and try to get it into shape.  Here’s the table of contents:



            Chapter 1  Starting Assembler 

             In which we connect to the machine, learn to navigate the operating system, submit a job, and examine the output.

             Chapter 2  Do You Zee What I Zee?

             In which we examine the machine components that affect the programs we write.

             Chapter 3  A First Program  

             In which we look at a complete program, discuss each and every component, and generally try to get the hang of what an assembler program contains.

.            Chapter 4  How System/z Works       

             In which we examine how the machine finds a data field, become familiar with five kinds of instructions formats, and pay some attention to what the machine does all day long.

             Chapter 5  Character Study 

             In which we examine the instructions that can be used to read, move, compare and print character data.

             Chapter 6  File It Under I Or O 

             In which we learn to read and write records.

             Chapter 7  Slowly I Turn …                       

              In which we learn how to go from here to there and back again.

             Chapter 8  Packing It In  

             In which we learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimal data.

             Chapter 9  Bin There, Done That! 

             In which we learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide binary data.

             Chapter 10  Assembler for Dummies  

              In which we learn that working with dummies can be the smart thing to do.

             Chapter 11 Calling All Programs  

             In which we learn how one program can call another.

             Chapter 12 Bit By Bit  

             In which we examine some of the instructions that manipulate bits.

             Chapter 13 Exotic Locales

             In which we examine some of the more powerful instructions and explore some of the darker corners of the Assembler landscape.

             Chapter 14 Exit Pursued By A Bear

             In which we examine how to write exit routines.

             Appendix 1  Arithmetic Conversions:  Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal

             In which we learn to do conversions with a pencil and our brain.

             Appendix 2  Two’s Complement Arithmetic

             In which we figure out how a sequence of 1’s and 0’s can be negative 

   The book will be available this spring.

    I’m also in the process of converting all the materials on the website to PDF format.  New PDF links will gradually replace the old links to Word documents as I’m able to get to it.

  Happy New Year! 

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