Adding Away (AFI, AG, AGF)

I’m adding more short instruction videos that can be found on the IBM Mainframe Assembler tab (last table). Each video addresses a particular Add instruction using VisibleZ as a teaching tool. You don’t have to have VisibleZ installed to benefit from the videos. Today’s new videos are Add Fullword Immediate, Add Grande, and Add Grande Fullword. Review an instruction you already know, or learn a new one. Stay tuned, more videos are on the way!

2 thoughts on “Adding Away (AFI, AG, AGF)”

  1. David
    Are you going to include ASI and AGSI at some stage? These allow update of a storage location without the need of a register

    They are also included in the ‘Interlocked-access facility’ which now includes NI,OI and XI and a few others – details are in POP introduction. Essentially if the operand is on the correct boundary, the updates are atomic, meaning that other processors are locked out during the update (you no longer need to use Compare and Swap for such updates)

    Kind regards

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