Last COBOL Fridays Webcast: tune in

It was fun and and flattering to be a part of the IBM-sponsored COBOL Fridays Webcast twice over the past year. If you missed them, you can still catch the webcasts here:

IBM and the Open Mainframe Project offers software, a COBOL course, and mainframe access to programmers wanting to learn COBOL. You can still be part of the fun for free – quite an opportunity.

I’m looking forward to being on the last webcast this Friday as part of a panel discussion that wraps up the series. Hope you can tune in. The Webcast starts at 10:30 EST here. Or you can catch the replay later at your leisure.


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2 responses to “Last COBOL Fridays Webcast: tune in


    From the link, I nag-gravated to the CoBOL APIs webcast (software AG). Horrible.

    If what the presenter uttered was true regarding the uptake of exposing CoBOL applications as web-facing services, the procedural programming world has possibly moved forward 0.75″ over the past three decades.

    My 0.02€

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