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Testing, Testing, Testing

After a good bit of experimentation with QSM, a testing plugin for WordPress, I’m happy with the tests I can produce online. I’ve settled on 10 questions per test grouped around a single idea like “Binary Data”. I’ve built ten tests so far, and I’ll keep adding more tests each week until there is a sufficient number of tests to cover a first course.

To take a test, select TEST BANK on the home page and choose a test from a list. The results are displayed online, and you can have them emailed to yourself if you like. Let me know if you uncover an error. Tests, like programs, are difficult to construct, and “punctilious” is a goal for me, and not always reality.

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Test Yourself – and help me out

I’ve added a plugin to the website that will allow me to create tests or quizzes, grade them, and send you the results. I’m in the early stages of implementing a database of assembler questions on a variety of topics. So far, I’ve created the first test that asks questions about character data and instructions. I could use your help trying out the test system to see how it works. There is a box at the bottom of the test where you can report any problems with the test. Will you give it a try and let me know what you think?

Go to the Test Yourself tab on the home page and select the Character Data #1 test. To get the results, you will have to provide an email address. I make no money from this site, so I will not use your email for commercial purposes.

My goal is to build a database to help you prepare for job interviews, or just to brush up on various aspects of this large language.


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