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Unit 5

    1. Up to this point in the class, we have relied on QSAM files for all of our file processing needs. Now we look at VSAM – an alternative access
      method: Virtual Storage Access Method.
    2. Time to try Exercise #14 in which we read a QSAM file and build a KSDS.
      • Watch the Video (0:53) that covers
        the details of Exercise #14.
    3. In the last exercise for the class, we read KSDS records randomly.
    4. Nested Cobol programs represent an interesting alternative to traditionally-built Cobol programs. In particular, nested programs can help you build ad hoc or one-off programs more quickly and with fewer errors.
      • This Video (5:03) covers the details.
      • Here is the code for the nested program that was discussed in the video.
      • We also look briefly at Cobol pointers and the SYNCHRONIZED qualifier.
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