Unit 1

  1. Watch the following video which describes some of the mechanics of creating a COBOL program including the format of a COBOL program.

  2. Need help creating a PDS? This video shows you how to create a Partitioned Data Set – IBM’s library format where programs can be stored.

  3. When you compile and link a program, the resulting load module is stored in a load library. This video demonstrates how to create a place for your exectuable programs.

  4. Here’s the Hello World code you can use for building your first program.

  5. Watch a video that illustrates the mechanics of creating a program with the editor.

  6. Here’s some JCL you can modify to process your program.

    • Compile, Link, Run, JCL
  7. This video shows you how to modify the JCL to fit your situation.

  8. Nobody is perfect. This video shows how to find and correct your compile errors.

  9. Let’s begin to look at the structure of a program in this second Cobol lecture.

  10. We continue to explore the structure of a Cobol program with this examination of the Data Division.

  11. We begin our study of the executable statements that go into the Procedure Division

  12. Computations in Cobol: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and related operations

  13. QSAM – Queued Sequential Access Method

  14. Programming Exercise #1