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Download VisibleZ

Download VisibleZ here.  You will get a zipfile that contains an executable Jar file that contains the source code.  The file that runs the program is called Runner. You will also get a Codes folder that contains all the object code snippets that run in VisibleZ and demonstrate many instructions.

VisibleZ is an object code interpreter for IBM Assembly language. It was designed as a tool for teaching and learning IBM Assembler. It was not designed to run production programs or as a debugging tool. It consists of a collection of Java classes that represent mainframe components (cpu, registers, instructions, …).

  1. Be sure to click on the Settings tab in Visiblez and type in the path to the CODES directory.
  2. Load the object code for a working program from the Codes directory. There are hundreds of programs to choose from. Step through the code and watch the effects of each instruction,
  3. You can watch VisibleZ in action with a series of videos that demonstrate particular instructions on the IBM Mainframe Assembler Page.
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