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Download VisibleZ here.  You will get an executable Jar file that contains the source code.  The file that runs the program is called Runner. Updated 5/27/2016

Download the directory  Here .

    1. The CODES directory contains executable sample programs for every instruction.

Updated 5/27/2016

  1. Installation and Getting Started Video (MP4)
  2. Installation and Getting Started with VisibleZ (PDF)

VisibleZ is an object code interpreter for IBM Assembly language. It was designed as a tool for teaching and learning IBM Assembler. It consists of a collection of Java classes that represent mainframe components (cpu, registers, instructions, …). Use the tool four ways:

  1. Load the object code for a working program. Step through the code and watch the effects of each instruction,
  2. Learn the details of a specific instruction by coding the execute() method for the instruction in Java, and
  3. Write a small program in object code that executes some instructions,
  4. Act like a computer architect and invent your own instruction set.

Be sure to click on the Settings tab in Visiblez and type in the path to the CODES directory.

Find the VizibleZ homepage here.

Watch an old video demo about an early version of VizibleZ here.

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