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Available Now: The Big Blue Assembler Book

My new assembler book is available in paperback now on Amazon. A hardback version will appear shortly. This is an introductory text. After chapters covering the z Series architecture, the book is organized into topics that are covered in an order that I worked out over 40 years of teaching assembler to students and professional programmers.

Here are some of the chapter topics:

Book Features:

I’ve always given away my teaching materials on this site. I’ll continue to do that because it makes me happy to know that someone out there finds the information helpful. Much of the information in the book is available on the website, including the preliminary chapters of the book. What’s available in the book that you might not find on the site is an organization of topics that makes the material accessible, some newly written introductions to various topics, and a collection of programming assignments that lead to programming mastery. You will also have a book you can hold.

I love books. I still have a copy of Programming Assembler Language by Peter Abel – the book I sweated my way through (on my own) some 40 years ago when I was trying to learn assembly language. I hope you will buy this new book and enjoy using it.

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