Chasing Bad Links

The university where I store about half of the material on this site has changed something. I’ll talk with them today to find out what has happened. In any case, I’ll get the bad links fixed somehow, but it may take a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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4 responses to “Chasing Bad Links

  1. Georges Kopp

    I hope you have a backup!
    If in a close system things like this happens, imagine when the migration will be a reality, I let you pray!

  2. Max Hopper

    Regularly I report bad links on large (to enormous) websites to ‘info’ and never receive a response. Curiously, the error(s) are quickly repaired.
    Bravo, David for the proactive and exemplary role.

    • Thanks, Max. I was able to fix a good many links. More to tackle tomorrow. I believe the university caused this problem. I’m pulling the material off the CSU site and I’m moving it to mine.

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